Amazon Free App of the Day: Let’s Bowl Deluxe

Today in the Amazon Appstore, users can pick up Let’s Bowl Deluxe. The game boasts realistic graphics, sounds and physics and hopes to alleviate the sadness between trips to the bowling alley.

Cool Balls, Funky Alleys

Step right up to the line–no need to wait for a lane to open up. You’ll start off with a single bowling alley and a basic ball, but the more you play, the more cool features you get. This Deluxe version of the game has three bowling alleys and six ball styles that you can unlock as you go.

Fun Is a Flick Away

Just like in real bowling, with this game it’s all in the wrist. Well, actually, in the finger. Line up your shot by dragging the ball to the left or right, then simply flick it forward. A slow flick will produce a granny-style roll, but a fast flick will make you look like a PBA player.

But–again, just as with the real thing–the harder you “throw” the ball, the more likely you are to produce a wild shot. No bumpers here: gutter balls can definitely happen! Remember that practice makes perfect.

What’s the Score?

Don’t worry about entering names or scores into your device; Let’s Bowl Deluxe does all the work for you. You’ll see your score change instantly at the top of the screen after every ball. Spares and strikes are calculated automatically. There’s a high-score board, 18 achievements to collect on OpenFeint (First Strike, Spare Me, 200 the Hard Way, etc.), and links that allow you to brag about your game on Facebook and Twitter. (We won’t tell anybody about that 60 you rolled earlier.)

The Sweet Sound of Pins Falling

The crisp graphics, detailed physics of the pins, and authentic sounds all make this the most realistic bowling app you’ll find for your Android device. So what are you waiting for, Dude? Time to pile up some strikes and pick up those 7-10 splits with Let’s Bowl Deluxe.

Reviews for Let’s Bowl are definitely split, but unfortunately it looks like more people are leaning towards less favorable reviews. Still, it’s free and easy to delete if you don’t find it worth your time!