[Amazon Free App of the Day] Pig Blaster, Ad-Free

Pig Blaster is an addicting and fun game and can be yours for free in the Amazon Appstore today. SkillPod Media’s pig-shooting mobile game features multiple game modes and allows you to unlock more as time goes on.

What is the developer saying?

“Dagnabbit! There’s trouble on Old McDonald’s farm, tonight. The swine have broken out of their pen and are making a run for the property line. You’re the farm hand on duty and your job is to round up the escaped porkers. Your only hope of capturing them all is your trusty Pig Blaster.

Y’see, in Pig Blaster, nothing makes hogs run the other way like the sight of their relatives hurtling through the air. So the surest way to turn all of the squealers back toward Old MacDonald’s is to launch some carefully-targeted porcine cannonballs into their midst.

But careful aim is key: Your goal is to line up your color-coded cannon fodder with matching runaways. Every time you put together three little pigs of the same color, you send that trio waddling back to the farm. On the other hand, every mismatched pig you add just blindly joins the herd’s confused stampede. And the more mismatched pigs there are onscreen, the harder it gets to round ‘em all up before they wriggle out of cannon range.

Shoot your way through six fun game stages. Unlock new levels as you corral tougher and tougher swine herding challenges. Chase the bacon through different seasons and terrains, all year ’round, until you’re a champion pig wrangler.”

What are users saying?

  • “Wow, what can you say about something this bad. Controls stink, graphics are ok but nothing to cheer about.”
  • “The background graphics are really nice but the main interactive graphics sucks.”
  • “Seems like a rush job that someone couldn’t be bothered to finish.”
  • “…it is a decent game. controls are not that difficult.”
  • “This is a Great game to pass the time with and today its free I like it the controls are just fine and the people giving it bad reviews are just nuts.”

So, as you can see, the game is pretty much getting lambasted in the reviews but everyone is different and this one might be a great addition to your mobile lineup.