Amazon Free App of the Day: Seven Stars 3D

Seven Stars 3D features intuitive tilt-controls, great visuals and OpenFeint support. On top of that, it is available for free in the Amazon Appstore. The game requires players to restore the Big Dipper to its former glory by guiding a ball through various mazes and returning the seven stars to their rightful place.

Your task is to find and restore the Big Dipper to its rightful place in the sky by liberating seven stars from the monster’s seven mazes. Tap through the gate to begin your journey toward the galaxies, twinkling and shooting stars, deep space, and mazes that wait beyond.


Maneuver the ball through the monster’s complex stone mazes using tilt control. You’ll need fine motor control and laser-like focus to master this real-time physics game. Watch for bamboo passages, precarious platforms, wooden blocks, rounded bridges, and other amazing features that could either help or hinder your progress. If you gain too much speed or miss a turn, you’ll find yourself spinning off into space.


You start with three lives. Pass through the galaxy icons that lie in your path to earn additional lives and time. Tap the yin-yang symbol to get a better view angle of your path. Although the way is long and difficult, original Chinese music, sound effects, and gorgeous 3D graphics provide soothing antidotes to the stress of your mission.


You can also aim for OpenFeint global leaderboards and achievements while pursuing the glory of defeating evil monsters and restoring stars to the sky. Accept the mission, venture into deep space, and retrieve the seven stars.