[Amazon Free App of the Day] Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Tools

If you are a guitar player and haven’t picked up Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools, we highly recommend stopping what you are doing and going to the Amazon Appstore now, because this app is more than worth your time. And it’s free, so it’s hard to think of reasons why you wouldn’t want to give this a shot.

What is the developer saying?

Whether you’re a full-time gigging musician or a late-night bedroom shredder, Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools is an incredible on-the-go resource. This app for your Android device gives you access to the world’s largest guitar tablature database, as well as several valuable tools–a tuner, metronome, and huge chord library. Browse more than 300,000 listings for guitar, bass, and drum tabs, learn new songs faster than ever, and use the tools to master your instrument.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools offers a mind-blowingly thorough catalog of guitar tablature in a package that’s surprisingly easy to navigate. The home screen makes simple searches easy; additional tabs at the top of the screen reveal advanced search options, a place to keep your favorite tabs, and a useful Tab Packs section that organizes frequently-played songs into categories (such as Blues, Chart Busters, Rock and Metal, and Worship Music).
The quickest way to get started is by simply typing a keyword into the box on the app’s home screen. If you’re looking for a song by the singer-songwriter John Vanderslice, for example, just enter his name and touch the “Search” button. The app will immediately access every Vanderslice tab in the Ultimate Guitar Tabs database, and from there you can scroll through the song titles until you find the one you want.
If you know a song’s title–even just part of it–type that into the search box instead. A moment later, you’ll see every title that includes the keywords you entered, and it’ll be easy to narrow down your search from there.

If you want to conduct a more detailed search, touch the “Advanced” tab at the top of the screen. Enter any keywords in the main search box, and narrow your results more by opening dropdown menus that sort by Type (guitar, bass, drums, or chords), Part (an intro, for example, or a mid-song solo), Rating (based on a one- to five-star system), Difficulty, and Tuning (featuring a huge variety of possible guitar tunings).

What are users saying?

  • “Had this back on the iphone, and was impressed with its functionality and professionalism then. I’m still old, and phones are not the BEST way for me to read tabs while playing, but truly an excellent app.”
  • “It seems a good app; however, it does not show up as an app in my droid 2.”
  • “Way to go Amazon! You’ve restored my faith in you. This app is great.”
  • “Ultimate guitar is a great site. This app.. not so much. Its not awful, but you are essentially paying 8 bucks for a glorified search engine.”
  • “Anyone thinking this is a game and comparing this to guitar hero is a complete moron and should not be using a android phone, or any smartphone for that matter. lol stupid”

Far and away, the reviews for Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools are positive, with a few naysayers mixed in for excitement. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the link below to pick it up!