It’s official, Major League Baseball is back! The 2011 season kicked off earlier this month and the season is moving along in earnest now. The question arises; how many games do you, the MLB fan with a full-time job (and possibly a wife and children), manage to sit down and watch each week? Chances are the answer is very little, and we totally know what that’s like. Major League Baseball is one of my great passions in life last season, I discovered At Bat 2010 and I can’t imagine the MLB season without it.

MLB At Bat 2011 is here now and we wanted to give you a bit of insight on what the app has to offer; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Essentially, At Bat 2011 is your mobile resource for just about all-things MLB. The one thing that the application doesn’t offer is live streaming games and the only reason for that is that MLB.TV offers a separate service for streaming games. At Bat 2011 offers standings, daily scoreboard, box scores, video highlights per team, daily video highlights from around the league and much more.

Favorite Teams

The option to select your favorite MLB team is one of the great features of the app. Selecting your favorite team streamlines the app to present that teams information first in the scoreboard/schedule and puts a shortcut on the application home screen to take you to that teams hub which hosts a ton of information for your favorite team.

MLB At Bat 2011 Favorite

You can check out video highlights from their last few games, take a look at stats from their current game in progress or most recent game as well as taking a look at the roster, reading top news stories for that team as well as a link to purchase tickets to upcoming games.


When you fire up At Bat 2011, it takes you by default to the scoreboard/schedule screen which shows you a list of all games played, in progress or due to start. You can go to any game and view either a preview of the matchup, follow the game’s progress in real-time or view the box score and play-by-play list if the game has already completed.

MLB At Bat 2011 Schedule

This is one of the applications great features as it offers a really quick way to follow what’s going on in the league for those of us who don’t have time to sit down and watch a ton of games or recaps on Sportscenter. One quick glance can tell you the score and how far along the game is.

Gameday Audio

My personal favorite feature is the ability to tune into the game’s radio broadcast from anywhere in the world, so long as you have WiFi or other Internet connectivity on your device. When you go into the screen for an active game, there is an option to listen to the audio. A neat addition is the option to choose whether to listen to the home or away team’s audio stream; this is a feature that can be invaluable to MLB fans who travel often.

MLB At Bat 2011 Gameday Audio

In some cases, as is the case in the image above, there is a Spanish language broadcast available to stream as well.

Gameday Video

Video is the one area of the application where we’d like to see some changes made. We absolutely love being able to see video highlights from our favorite teams performance but our one real gripe is that quality can sometimes be pretty poor with no way to watch in a higher-quality version of the video.

MLB At Bat 2011 Gameday Video

It’s not much of a complaint, seeing as any given game can merit between 10-15 video highlights depending on the game in question. Being on the road or out of the home during a game, it’s great to fire up the app and check out some video footage of the days events.

End of Day Recaps

From the home screen of the application, there are a host of great features available to fans wanting to catch up on the day’s highlights and news. At Bat 2011 offers video clips of the day’s highlight plays and moments, from memorable speeches at special events to 3-run clutch home runs.

MLB At Bat 2011 Home Standings’s top headlines are also available in a streamlined form from the application’s home screen to allow fans to catch up on the leagues news.

MLB At Bat 2011 Home News

Wrapping up here, we have to say that At Bat 2011 is a must-buy for Major League Baseball fans. That’s right; a must-buy. The app weighs in at $14.99 which makes it one of the most expensive applications on the market but when weighing the one-time price point versus the sheer volume of features and longevity of the baseball season, this app is a steal.

Regular season means 162 games so, if it makes it easier to spend the money, that adds up to $0.10 per game for video highlights, gameday audio, news, standings, daily schedule and highlights plus a host of other features. If the price is still putting a hurting on you, we completely understand and more importantly; understands. offers At Bat Lite, a toned down version of the full application available for no charge at all. At Bat 2011 is available in the Android Market now, if you’re interested. Go Mariners!


  1. JP says

    Decent review, although I would have liked more detail or research on the live streaming games. It’s true that the service is through MLB.TV, but the big advancement between last year and this year is that At Bat 2010 did not have the ability to stream games using your MLB.TV account. At Bat 2011 DOES!!! Just go into settings and provide your MLB.TV account info. Then as you go to each game and click menu, the MLB.TV option will be there.
    As an MLB.TV subscriber, that is huge. I now have live streaming games on my phone, laptop, PS3…yeah :)
    The stream quality on phones is not quite there yet I’ll admit, but it IS there. I personally was a huge fan of the radio broadcasts last year. Jack into my car and listen to a game on the way home from work. But not being able to watch games using my MLB.TV account was a drawback. Glad they fixed it.

    Go Braves!

    • Anonymous says

      Depending on what phone you have…
      I have a Samsung Galaxy S (US Cellular, but this is across the board for all providers) and they have not made streaming video available for this one yet, but do on OLDER Droids. Everything else works flawlessly.

      • Guest says

        thanks. I haven’t decided if I will buy this yet. I live in dallas and am a Ranger fan and a cord cutter, so MLB.TV won’t work for me. I’ve been looking for a good way to get the games over the radio on my phone for when I am at work or away from the house. Sounds like At Bat is my best (only) option.

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