The Case Mate Gelli for the Nexus One might appear to your average silicone case, but it’s actually a much different type of case. It’s constructed of a “flexibile thermoplastic material”.  Think of it as a flexible hard plastic. The plastic itself is 95% transparent, so you can easily see or show the Nexus One. The back of the case has pattern and a CaseMate logo, both of which we could do without.

As for fit, the Case Mate Gelli easily slips on the Nexus One and provides a very tight fit. In addition to the 3mm headset jack, both contacts and microUSB are exposed at the bottom of the device. You will not be able to use either the car dock or desk dock with this case due to the thickness of the case Good news is that it’s easy to remove and put the case on. During our tests, the case was resilient and didn’t lose the tight fit. The volume job and power button are not exposed. In our tests, we found some difficulty in powering on/off the device due to the heavy plastic that covered the button. It requires force to power cycle the device, something we felt negatively affected our daily usage.

When it comes to protection, the Case Mate Gelli offered great protection against scratches. The hard plastic provides for good coverage against scratches. During our testing, we did not include the included screen protector, but we should note that’s included with the case. Between the screen protector and hard plastic case, most would be comfortable with these layers of protection.

While I referred to the case as having thickness, I simply wanted to point out that it’s not a flimsy piece of silicone. It did not affect the size of the Nexus One, which retained it’s slim form factor while in the Case Mate Gelli.

Priced at $14.99, the Case Mate Gelli for Nexus One is good bargain when you consider the high quality thermoplastic and included screen protector. We’d like to see access to the power button and less frilly designs on the back, but overall we’re pleased with the Nexus One Gelli.

If you’d like a chance to win this Case Mate Gelli case for the Nexus One, just leave a comment on this story. Contest ends May 31st. One comment, entry per person.


  1. Daniel says

    I could use a new case for my nexus one. All of the ones that I bought through ebay were a ripoff! I guess you get what you pay for though.

  2. Ashley Kleynhans says

    This case seems pretty awesome and your review was really thorough. Its a pity about the access to the power button, but this case still seems much better than the one that my colleague has. You mentioned that it helps prevent scratches, hopefully it will prevent the Nexus One from being destroyed when accidentally dropping it too!

  3. jim says

    Good review, and agreed, pity about the logo. I’m a huge fan of minimalism. Also not having easy access to the power button is maybe the biggest bummer… I use my power button at least 50 times a day to unlock my phone and not being able to get to it would be a real pain.

    Pity you couldn’t drop-test it to actually test its main purpose… but we’ll forgive you this once :-)

  4. CoreO says

    Wow that seems awesome.. I needs me this Case Mate because my hands shakin’ so much I’m feelin’ Gelli-some..

  5. Justin Dallacqua says

    This looks great. I bought a silicon case for $4 off ebay, but it adds just a bit too much bulk to the phone. This Case Mate Gelli case looks a bit bettter, with a tighter fit.

  6. Jake says

    Looks like a great light case that glides easily in to your pockets unlike those chip silicone ones…gotta get one!

  7. Andre Lewis says

    great case, and most of all perfect phone i don’t think there’s a phone out there that can match up with it, well Im looking forward to see a’lot more accessories for this phone, because as of right this is the only one that i see fits and also looks great, maybe now i can start to use my phone again once i get the chance to buy one.

  8. Rhian f. says

    I think it looks nice I was thinking of getting it because I only put my N1 in my pocket (despite the its not supposed to go in your pocket because u can crack your screen)and I heard they go in and out of your pocket easy. I was also thinking of getting a scratch resistant skin from unique skins if anyone knows if those are any good or bad let me know

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