First Sprint HTC EVO 4G Review Hits

This one comes as a bit of a surprise, but it appears we have our first review of the HTC EVO 4G. The review comes from the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg. His review is a mixed bag, with the biggest complaint being battery life and data speeds that weren’t up to Sprint’s claims.

Sprint claims that average users will see downstream data speeds of between 3 and 6 megabits per second on the EVO when 4G is in use. In my tests, in the heart of Baltimore’s popular Inner Harbor district, I averaged 3.4 mbps downstream over 4G, and just under 1 mbps upstream (the upstream speed is capped by Sprint at 1 mbps.) And, when using 4G, the EVO’s battery runs down alarmingly fast. In my tests, it didn’t last through a full day with 4G turned on. The carrier, in fact, is thinking of advising users to turn off the 4G network access when they don’t think they need it, to save battery life. This undercuts the whole idea of faster cellular speeds.

You can read the review in it’s entirety at All Things D. We suspect more reviews will hit now that the embargo is over. Has this review changed your opinion of the HTC EVO 4G? Keeping your pre-order and/or your determination to show up at your local Sprint on June 4th?

  • Paul

    A little problem with this review:

    4g is NOT cellular. It is WiMax. This was supposed to be the silver bullet answer to long range wifi, remember? It DOES NOT carry cellular traffic, only IP.

  • Geo

    This Review is Very upsetting and Disappointing, considering I Pre-Ordered my phone from “The Shack” yesterday. I definitely am aware that Sprint might have Hyped up the Phone and Service a bit to get some units sold, However i hope that this phone lives up to the Hype and i will be purchasing an extra battery charger that runs of batteries just in case these issues at hand dont get resolved promptly or at all. Until then June 4th here I come in a Market that currently has No 4G. (Boston)

    • Jake

      Don’t get down. Read a REAL review from people that actually know technology. Head over to and all your worries will be washed away. They said that they were able to use the 4g WIFI on the EVO for over 3 hours and that was with consistent streaming of media and 2 hours of talk time. Remember that 4G is for WIFI only and not for calls.

  • bobnwako

    No, my mind has not changed based on the review that I just read. 4G network will surely be a battery guzzler because of the speed involved. I will buy all the accessories needed when I collect the phone from Radio Shack as I have already Pre-ordered it. Even iPhone has its own downsides too but it was a bestseller. The EVO 4G will be a smash hit and I happen to live in a 4G connected zone (Houston, TX). My Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G is blazing fast and it works very well in Houston TX, and the EVO 4G will do the same.

  • John

    From what I hear the IPhone has the same issue, i am sure they will have increased life batteries soon enough and it will be a worth while investment. Could this guy have been any LESS enthusiastic about what he was reviewing? it sounded like he was giving a eulogyor something…

  • Christopher Meinck

    Engadget has a more even handed review up.

  • Informed

    Please disregard the Mossberg review, he is so partial to Apple it’s ridiculous. Go over to Engadget, that is a great review.