Nexus S 4G Announced By Google, Will Bring Google Voice Integration

While we’re still waiting for Sprint to officially announce the Nexus S 4G, Google has done their job for them, announcing it via the Google Mobile blog:

We co-developed Nexus S 4G with Samsung to tightly integrate hardware and software and highlight the advancements of Gingerbread. Nexus S 4G takes advantage of Sprint’s high-speed 4G data network. It features a 4” Contour Display designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and along the side of your face. It also features a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, front and rear facing cameras, 16GB of internal memory, and NFC (near field communication) hardware that lets you read information from everyday objects that have NFC tags.

The coolest thing? The Nexus S 4G will have a heavy layer of Google Voice integration — which allows you to port your Sprint number to Google Voice without needing an extra number to keep data services going. So you can keep your original number, keep your account with Sprint, but still get all those cool tools that Google Voice brings to the table — and this should soon be available for all Sprint customers.