Read It Later Comes to Android

Read It Later, the wildly popular online-reading management service, is officially coming to Android devices running Android 2.1 or above. Read it Later found tremendous success on Apple’s iOS, consistently ranking in the top ten applications in the App Store. In a nutshell, Read it Later offersRead it Later for Android the ability for users to add content to their ‘Read it Later list’ to be, as you may have guessed, read at a later time.

This service is, of course, useful for when you come across a particular interesting article or story and just don’t have the time to read it at thatmoment. You can add it to your Read it Later list and then, later, when you have some time to read the content, you can access your Read it Later list from the Android application; regardless of whether you have a current Internet connection or not. Read it Later offers offline reading, simply downloading the page or article to the application for later use.

Read it Later offers the option to share your content via many popular social networking services including Twitter and Facebook. One of most useful features of the service is the ability to remember where you left off in the content you were reading. If you get halfway through a particularly interesting article and suddenly have to run, simply add the content to your Read it Later list and pick up exactly where you left off when you get a chance.

Read it Later is on sale now to celebrate the Android Market launch, so definitely consider picking it up since it will only set you back $0.99 for a limited time.