Amazon Free App of the Day: Thumb Keyboard

Thumb Keyboard is available in the Amazon Appstore today, bringing a great keyboard alternative particularly useful if you frequently use a 7″ or 10.1″ Android tablet. Thumb Keyboard is well worth the normal $3.00 but for free, it really is a steal.


Thumb Keyboard offers a welcome solution to the uncomfortable stretching and juggling that often accompany thumb typing. This app has a keyboard layout to fit your needs, whether you’re typing on your phone or tablet.

Choose from seven different keyboard layouts with special accommodations for comfortable thumb-typing. Several layouts are designed specifically for Android phones, each ergonomically designed for fast and comfortable input. Innovative split layouts feature wider keys, better layout for thumb-typing in portrait mode, and increased accessibility to keys when typing in landscape mode. Split layouts for tablets and large-screen devices feature increased accessibility to keys for thumb-typing on 5-inch, 7.1-inch, 8.9-inch, and 10.1-inch tablets.

These layouts offer predefined combinations. You can also choose your own layout combination for portrait or landscape view.

Thumb Keyboard offers a whole heap of customizable features. Select your theme, background, keyboard height and width, secondary symbols, key size, font size, and keypress sound. You can also minimize or hide the keyboard; hide the right shift key; mark the two key blocks on the split keyboards with different colors; and access QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keyboard layouts.
Other features include auto-correction, voice input (Android 2.2+, English only supported), a user dictionary, separate number keys and cursor keys in most layouts, fast switching between layouts, adjustable height (with separate adjustment of bottom bar), and easy popup keyboards (for additional characters, numbers, and smileys). Thumb Keyboard supports text prediction for numerous languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Dutch.

Thumb Keyboard also uses Bigam Prediction, an algorithm that helps you type faster by predicting what you want to say. The system looks at what you have already typed and how it is used in the context of the sentence, and then provides a best guess of what you’d like to say next. With this method, there’s no waiting around for your app to learn how you type. This feature will only work on Android 2.3 and Honeycomb.


Amazon Free App of the Day: SportsCaster Pro

SportsCaster Pro is a really unique application that we think a ton of sports fanatics are going to love, if they don’t already utilize this great tool. In this day and age, Twitter is the go-to resource for news, rumors, mumblings and grumblings in the news world; sports news included. SportsCaster lets you set the application up with your favorite sports teams and enjoy a steady feed of news for that organization.

We think that this is going to be particularly useful in the near future with the NHL season getting ready to get underway, with NFL having started and with the Major League Baseball postseason starting up this afternoon.

You’re not just a sports fan–you’re a sports fanatic. You want the latest news and scuttlebutt on all your favorite teams, and you want it now, as soon as it breaks. You want SportCaster Pro for Android.

Getting your sports news and information from the paper (what’s that?), electronic media (mainstream and slow), or the Web (cluttered and behind) is so 2009. These days, the action is on Twitter, where the writers, players, and coaches communicate directly with the fans and everyone can join in the conversation.
SportCaster Pro is an app that connects you directly with this brave new world, bringing you live college and pro sports with a social voice. Got a favorite NFL team? The app lets you flag the team (or teams, if you divide your loyalties) and then generates a Twitter feed with everything related to that team. This includes journalists, bloggers, fans, and those connected directly to the team, all commenting before, during, and after games. Or you can limit the feed to specific hashtags that you enter.

You can also follow a general Twitter feed for the NFL, college football, or a particular college conference. There’s even a feed dedicated to tweets by the best fantasy sports experts. Never miss breaking news and be the first among your friends to know what’s going on.

What could be better than this? How about being able to participate in the discussion without ever leaving the app? When you’ve got something to say, just hit Compose and share your insights with the world. Easily attach a photo or a video to your tweet. You can also tap on any tweet to reply, retweet, comment, or view the tweeter’s profile. Want to pass along news or analysis to your friends? Share a tweet via text message, e-mail, or social networking sites.

Amazon Free App of the Day: Symphony of Eternity

Amazon is giving away Symphony of Eternity today in the Amazon Appstore. Symphony is a cool RPG that “boasts a gripping story, quirky characters, and freewheeling combat.” Fans of Final Fantasy or other classic 1990′s role-playing games must¬†give this one a spin as you can’t go wrong here.

Symphony of Eternity, a role-playing game for Android, boasts an gripping story, quirky characters, and freewheeling combat.

In this epic RPG, you follow the adventures of a gallant young man and his golem companion as they roam the world in search of a legendary weapon. One day the pair rescues a solitary girl from a band of bloodthirsty monsters. Explaining that she is of royal blood and the sole survivor of a treacherous palace coup, the mysterious princess opts to join her rescuers on their journey for the magic weapon.

Discover how their destinies are intertwined.

If you enjoy old school computer role-playing games such as Might and Magic, Symphony of Eternity should be your next sojourn. The game’s combination of turn-based gameplay with an auto-battle feature makes for smooth, simple, and freewheeling combat. You can control every move from the touch screen, so it’s easy to stay focused on the game.

Quirky, comical, and emotional characters make appearances with their own purpose in the story. Customize characters with different gear or offensive and defensive skills based on total merit points. Nurture your character to your preference by allocating points to desired skills. If you would like to increase attack power or critical strike rate, you can–among many more skill options.


Amazon Free App of the Day: MLB At Bat 11

MLB At Bat 11 is available for free today in the Amazon Appstore, just in time for the season to end in five days! In reality, this is a great application to pick up today because even as the regular season dwindles down, the postseason action is really starting to heat up. Follow the action in the American League East as the Red Sox, Angels and Rays battle it out for the Wild Card spot or find out whether the Braves have what it takes to hold on to their playoff spot for a few more games.

Postseason-wise, MLB At Bat 11 offers gameday tracking and we’re pretty sure that gameday audio extends to the postseason as well, but we’re not positive on that one.

Your team. Your app. At Bat 11, the award-winning Major League Baseball application, is live baseball–every pitch from every at bat–everywhere you are. Follow your favorite team all season with comprehensive, up-to-the-moment action. At Bat 11 lets you take your obsession for the national pastime to the next level, so you don’t have to miss a single pitch. With access to live video broadcasts from MLB.TV, home and away audio broadcasts for every game, Gameday pitch-by-pitch coverage, in-progress video highlights, a cool “At the Ballpark” feature, and access to all the stats you could ever need, this app is a must-have for any serious Major League Baseball fan.

It’s easy to navigate the many features of this app. The screen opens to a Major League Baseball scoreboard listing the day’s games. From there you can go straight to a particular game’s coverage by touching a matchup on the screen, or select any of several other options ( News, Standings, Videos, Teams, At the Ballpark, Profile, Settings, and Information) by touching the Home icon in the menu.

Make sure you cover all your…bases…and pick this one up today.


Amazon Free App of the Day: Illusia

From the makers of Zenonia comes Illusia, a throwback to old-school RPGs that gamers everywhere can relate to. Illusia boasts beautiful graphics, RPG-style sidescrolling gameplay and a variety of outfits and gear to equip your character with.

Created by the makers of ZENONIA, ILLUSIA harkens back to the heyday of the great old-school RPGs such as Might and Magic, Bard’s Tale, and Ultima. ILLUSIA is a side-scrolling RPG containing all the core elements of traditional role playing with anime-style graphics. Explore the world through quests, refine your gear, and unravel the secrets behind the mysterious tower of ILLUSIA.

A long time ago, a bolt of light came crashing down from the skies above Aztaran. A strange, dark tower appeared, and no one could fanthom its purpose or even how to enter it. This tower awaits a brave warrior and magician to unlock its secrets. But within the tower’s walls lurks a terrible evil that threatens the peace of the land. A Death Knight raises a host of deadly monsters to bring horror and fear to the land. Now more than ever, Aztaran needs a hero.
Get in Gear

ILLUSIA has all the great features you’d expect a top-notch fantasy RPG. Choose between 14 different affiliates of the fighter and magician classes, each with active, passive, and buff skills. Transform your character’s appearance as you continuously upgrade your weapons and armor. Journey through the seven strange worlds of ILLUSIA, battling evil and interacting with a host of helpful and dangerous NPCs. You’ll have plenty of side quests to fulfill on your way heroic immortality.


Amazon Free App of the Day: Box It! 2

Box It! 2 is a lot of fun with some definitely challenging puzzles for players to solve. The game is free today in the Amazon Appstore, and it’s more than worth your time checking it out.

What lies beneath the ancient Inca ruins in the mines of Kazarakt remains a mystery, but as legend has it, they hold vast treasures. Follow an ancient Inca trail and help Marv the miner unlock the ruins in this mind-twisting sokoban puzzle game for your Android device. Push rock totems to the lock mechanisms found on the ground. Once all totems are securely in place, the entrance to the ruin opens and awards a treasure. With 100 entrances to open, Marv needs help navigating his way through each puzzle.

You be the brains and let Marv be the brawn. Each puzzle contains a number of locks and totem statues randomly placed among a unique labyrinth design. Marv can push one totem at a time and you must strategically direct him using the arrows. It’s easy to accidentally trap poor Marv in a corner or push a statue to a spot from which it can’t be moved. Think ahead and count your moves. The less work for Marv the better for your score and bonuses.

In addition to the static, natural obstacles like bushes and other totems, the ancient grounds provide another obstacle to show its disdain for your intrusion attempts. On occasion, wooden spikes emerge from the mystical presence below. They won’t do any serious harm, but they’ll require Marv to maneuver around them costing more steps and more time.


Amazon Free App of the Day: Diet Assistant Pro

Losing weight sucks. A lot. But it doesn’t have to be as miserable as it seems and with Diet Assistant Pro, you’ll always have a helping hand wherever your Android device goes. Plus, it’s free in the Amazon Appstore and, as we all know, free is the best price for anything.

Eating nutritious foods isn’t just a choice, but a commitment to your health and happiness. Personal Dietitian Pro is a simple resource that will assist you while choosing, implementing, and monitoring your diet. Offering a number of diet plans, you choose the diet that best fits your needs and personal profile. Choose from nearly 20 plans focusing on purifying, low GI, pescetarian, vegetarian, high protein, and just plain healthy.

Choose a diet, and the Personal Dietitian Pro will generate a weekly menu adhering to your dietary request. From the main menu you have access to your diet, available diet plans, chart, and your profile. You can update your details from your personal profile, such as food preference, gender, and goal weight. You also have access to the weight entries, which contain useful information about your progress and display the results in a chart.

  • Generates weekly menu of healthy foods and combinations
  • Provides nutrition facts
  • Tracks weight progress
  • Calculates your BMI (body mass index)
  • Contains a wide variety of diet plans to suit your needs
  • Creates a weight chart for simple monitoring
  • Offers diet and weight loss tips
  • Restores/backs up data

Amazon Free App of the Day: Word Mix

Word Mix is a really cool anagram, word game for Android that requires players to unscramble words to solve the puzzle or make as many words as possible from a selection of letters. Here’s an example, unscramble the following letters: “r-e-f-e”.

If you came up with ‘Free’ then you are entirely correct and you also now know how much this application will cost you in the Amazon Appstore. See what we did there?

This app is an anagram-solving game that will provide you with hours of fun. Choose from two ways to play: Game mode or Puzzle mode. In Game mode, you have a certain amount of time to find as many words as you can in a string of six scrambled letters (three-letter-word minimum). The more words you find, the more points you get–but you can only advance to the next level if you figure out the six-letter word before the clock runs out. One saving grace: you can set the time period at anywhere from two to ten minutes per round.

Puzzle mode is a more relaxing, untimed way to play. See if you can get all the possible words out of that six-letter string, or you can just correctly identify the six-letter word and then move on. If you get stumped in either mode, there is a Hint feature that will give you a single common letter in each word (such as all the Es). Once you’ve used a hint, you won’t get another one for five successful rounds.

To play, just touch the letters in order and hit Guess. There is no penalty for guessing, so you can try as many weird words as you want and see if they are valid. (Choose between dictionaries containing common or advanced words, as well French, Italian, and Spanish versions.) The game also supports the use of a physical keyboard. After a round is over, tap on any word to get its definition.