App Review: At Bat 2011

It’s official, Major League Baseball is back! The 2011 season kicked off earlier this month and the season is moving along in earnest now. The question arises; how many games do you, the MLB fan with a full-time job (and possibly a wife and children), manage to sit down and watch each week? Chances are the answer is very little, and we totally know what that’s like. Major League Baseball is one of my great passions in life last season, I discovered At Bat 2010 and I can’t imagine the MLB season without it.

MLB At Bat 2011 is here now and we wanted to give you a bit of insight on what the app has to offer; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Essentially, At Bat 2011 is your mobile resource for just about all-things MLB. The one thing that the application doesn’t offer is live streaming games and the only reason for that is that MLB.TV offers a separate service for streaming games. At Bat 2011 offers standings, daily scoreboard, box scores, video highlights per team, daily video highlights from around the league and much more. [Read more...]