EverythingAndroid.org is a leading resource for Android news, discussion forums and reviews. The site was originally founded in June of 2007 as EverythinggPhone, but migrated to a name that represented our coverage – which is Android. The site is part of the family of smartphone websites owned and operated by Smart Phone Resource, Inc.

Our Staff
Senior Editor:Christopher Meinck
Christopher is the President of Smart Phone Resource Inc. He graduated with an MBA in Marketing from St.John’s University. When not writing reviews or editorials for one of the Everything sites, he works as a consultant in New York City.

Contact:chris at everythingandroid.org

Author, Contributor and Forum Moderator: Scott Schrob
Scott is a veteran Windows Mobile user who is in the process of converting to Android.

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Our Android Accessory Store
The EverythingAndroid Store is powered by Smartphone Experts, which started operations in October 2003 just in time for the launch of the highly acclaimed Treo 600 Smartphone. Since then, they have shipped over ninety thousand orders to satisfied customers worldwide. We pride ourselves in providing excellent sales and customer service.

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